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A video for Sens fans

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Senator's prez Eugene Melnyk held a press conference today and basically told everyone that he is not going to dismember the Senators at this time. For him to hold a press conference as a vote of confidence in his current structure is somewhat unheard of, but I like it. There is so many rumors swirling around Ottawa right now. Melnyk's speech should motivate his team and take a bit of pressure off.
One of Melnyk's quotes today:
"You can't have these knee-jerk reactions or these panic reactions, I think the key thing is to take a deep breath, everybody stay calm, the team itself will sort itself out."

This story got a cool little tune from the past stuck in my head. "Patience" by Guns n' Roses. Here's the video. Just replace the words "woman" and "sugar" with "Sens Fans", and you'll get my drift!

Speaking of Guns n' Roses, apparently the terribly long-awaited Chinese Democracy album is going to be released next week Tuesday, November the 21st. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. But if it does..I'll be sure to check it out.