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Scott Stevens the King of Headshots?

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Taking head shots out of the game would actually tarnish Stevens' legacy. Count the hits to the head in this clip. His hit on Lindros was the biggest headshot of them all. I don't remember anyone complaining about any of these hits. Do you? Besides Eric's mom and dad I mean!

Watch what happens when Brian Campbell hits RJ Cheesburger.Shoulder to jaw.

Here is the hit by Torres on Williams. Looked pretty clean right? Would you want a penalty called on that? What would they call it? 5 minutes for Head hunting?

The Trolley Tracks. I like what Don Cherry says at the end of the clip. Something to the extent that there isn't as many hits anymore so guys get careless.

In this clip, Cherry explains his point of view on hits to the head, the equipment that players wear nowadays, and also how Bobby Holik is a gutless coward.
I agree with Don on this stuff 100%.