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Owning up to my Western Conference preseason predictions at the quarter-way mark

Hey, when I'm good, I'm good. My Western Conference predictions are not that bad at all so far (through Thursday, November 23rd).

1. Flames. Actual: 9th, but rising fast.
2. Ducks. Actual: 1st, but slowing a tad.
3. Predators. Actual: 2nd.
4. Sharks. Actual: 4th.
5. Stars. Actual: 5th.
6. Red Wings. Actual: 6th.
7. Avalanche. Actual: 10th. I think they will finish higher than 10th still.
8. Oilers. Actual: 7th. Close enough.
9. Wild. Actual: 3rd, and falling, like Britany's 5 minutes of fame.
10. Canucks. Actual: 8th. I stand by this.
11. Kings. Actual: 11th.
12. Blue Jackets. Actual: 15th. Hitchcock should help out a bit.
13. Blues. Actual: 13th.
14. Coyotes. Actual: 14th.
15. Black Hawks. Actual: 12th, and falling.

Not bad. So far, I have:
6 that are bang on.
3 that are 1 off.
1 that is 2 off.
3 that are 3 off.
1 that is 6 off.
1 that is 8 off (damn Flames)

I bet the TSN monkey couldn't even predict this accurately!
But do you think I can predict player points and win hockey pools? Not a bloody chance!