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Owning up to my Eastern Conference predictions

I am pretty accurate with the West so far, but the Eastern Conference is a completely different story.... There are so many suprises here.

1. Senators. Actual: 12th. This will change as the season goes on.
2. Hurricanes. Actual: 6th. Blame this on their miserable start to the season.
3. Flyers. Actual: 15th. Could anyone have foreseen this?
4. Rangers. Actual: 7th.
5. Devils. Actual: 3rd. These guys just don't quit!
6. Sabres. Actual: 1st
7. Bruins Actual: 13th. Their play is improvin right now.
8. Panthers. Actual: 14th. Here comes the "I told you so's"
9. Canadiens. Actual: 5th. They are suprising me so far.
10. Lightning. Actual: 10th. I could say "I told you so" on this one!
11. Leafs. Actual: 4th. Wow. Go Leafs go!!!!
12. Islanders. Actual: 9th.
13. Thrashers. Actual: 2nd. WTF??? They should plummet.
14. Penguins. Actual: 8th. Thank Malkin for that.
15. Capitals. Actual: 11th.

I should lay off the crack pipe when I predict the East!
I have:
1 bang on
2 that are 2 off
2 that are 3 off
3 that are 4 off
1 that is 5 off
2 that are 6 off
1 that is 7 off
2 that are 11 off
1 that is 12 off

Time for a new job.....
But it's awfully early still.