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Not-so nuts about James Duthie

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Usually I enjoy listening to James Duthie on the TSN NHL Panel. But tonight was an exception. He commented on the Raffi Torres hit on Jason Williams mentioning that there are too many players leaving the ice on a stretcher lately. He asked his colleagues if the hit was legit. They unanimously answered that it was in fact, a clean hit. Duthie held his ground and insisted that the NHL needs to look into head injuries further.
Tell you what, James. Maybe you should cover golf and bowling instead. It was a clean hit. A beauty. Williams did not see it coming..SO WHAT? That's the damn point! It is supposed to be a heads up sport. If you want to talk about a problem, talk about hard plastic shoulder pads causing concussions and I will agree with you.
I think more players are being taken off the ice on stretchers because of precautionary reasons as well. Apparently, Williams is doing just fine last I heard, and only recieved a cut. The fact that he went off on a stretcher just made it look worse than it really was.
Know what really bugs me? It's the fear that people like James Duthie and these a**holes are going to get their way, and that hockey is going to increasingly become a non-contact sport in the not-so distant future. It already is I guess. I hope we never lose the rugged, tough side of the game. But you never know with the way this western culture is heading....lawsuits...liability....fear of getting hurt....get my drift?
To further that last part...I MISS GOONS! I believe it was Gord Miller who asked Pierre McGuire during the Wings/Oilers game tonight if it was worth it that Ethan Moreau sustained a long term shoulder injury during a potential fight with Danny Markov to repay him for levelling Jarett Stoll. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! The fact that he was defending Stoll was an honorable thing. The fact that his shoulder popped out was a pure fluke accident. The Oilers are going to miss Moreau no doubt, but Moreau did the right thing, he was just unlucky.
Tonight, in the Oilers' 3-0 loss to Detroit, Steve Staios finally avenged Markov by squaring off with him. Staios recieved a 5 minute major for fighting, a 10 minute misconduct, and 2 minutes for instigating. That instigator rule has got to go. The potential that the opposing team could score a PP goal on you because you got an instigator penalty is a complete farce. Thankfully the Wings didn't tonight.
Did you see any Red Wing players even come close to paying back Torres for that hit on Williams? Nope. And that is where the honor in this game is DYING.
So I say, scrap the instigator rule, and bring back the goons. Make players afraid to hit someone like that. Rattle someone's skull if they run your goalie. All you see now is a bunch of pushing and shoving to avoid a penalty or because of a lack of goons out there, which solves NOTHING.