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The Hawks: A shamed organ-I-zation

Paul Kukla referred to a Chicago Sportsblog entry by Steve Rosenbloom about how pathetic and "dumb" the Hawks are nowadays. But the real sadness to me is what the Black Hawk fans were saying in the comments section. Here are a few of the real doozies:
The organ"I"zation formerly known as the Blackhawks once had Jeremy Roenick, Chris Chelios, and Ed Belfour; a trio that the team could've been built around for 10-15 years. Instead greed, ignorance, bad ownership, and blind loyalty to the wrong people (i.e. Pulford), have ruined this franchise!

27 straight years of making the playoffs, since 1997 it's just been mind boggling how far the wheels have fallen off of this organization. I truly believe that they are testing how thick Hawk fans' skins are. Loud-mouthed Blackhawk diehards as I used to know them have been dropping like flies (I went to a Hawks-Blues game last year and the the United Center was a graveyard). I think if Wirtz sold this team, that alone would bring back the fans and the home ice advantage.

My favorite:
My gripe is with the NHL Board of Governors. How can these clowns promote the sport and allow the worst run professional sports franchise in history continue to exist in the third largest media market in the country? Can't these guys separate franchise ownership from "Dollar Bill" and company, or through expansion or franchise relocation supply this market with a professional competitive NHL franchise? Probably not.

Honestly do we really care about the Blackhawks?? This organ-I-zation has become the butt of all jokes over the past 5 years. I find it pretty amusing that the Blackhawks hardly get any press coverage anymore. My friends and I used to go to Hawks games all the time back in the day and we have not gone to 1 game in the past 5 years. I will not support this organ-I-zation for the junk they continue to put on the ice year-after-year.

You have to feel remorse for Hawk fans. The United Center is emptying out quickly and is a complete opposite of what the old Chicago Stadium once was. I really hope this changes soon.
Just remember: When you think your team has it bad, or they go on a losing skid, or employ an asshat like Jan Bulis: IT IS NOT AS BAD AS IT IS IN CHICAGO!!! Bless your hearts, Chicago, and hang in there.