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Dissecting the Morrison/Volchenkov trade rumor

I saw this rumor on Sportsnet last night. To me, it makes absolutely no sense at all to even be considered a possibility. For one, as it stands, the Senators do not need a number 2 center. So would they acquire Morrison at $3.2 million to put him on the 3rd line? No. The rumor could have derived from the possibility of Daniel Alfredsson being shopped and traded first. But this is getting too far ahead of ourselves.
Another big reason that this rumor is bunk is that the Canucks do not need another defenceman. They are plenty deep at the D position with guys like Edler and Bourdon about to make the jump.
So, if Morrison was to be traded, it had better be for 1 or 2 forwards who can help the team score goals NOW, or 1 NHL-ready forward and a draft pick. Otherwise I'd really question Dave Nonis' brain contents.

The biggest reasons for the sudden surge of trade rumors is the fact that the GM's are all meeting in Toronto, starting today.
If anything, I would forecast a potential shake up in Calgary or especially Philadelphia by the end of the week.
HA! I just read another trade rumor....Alfredsson to Calgary for Robyn Regehr! For f**k's sakes! (e0)