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Did Alain Vigneault miss the memo about the Canucks playing Anaheim tonight, or did he miss the freaking boat completely? Marc Chouinard is going to replace Josh Green because he broke his toe in practice on Wednesday. I think I'd take my chances and call up a rookie.

Who in the hell decided him, Jan Bulis, and Rory Fitzpatrick were diamonds in the rough? Who decided Taylor Pyatt was probably a better bet than Anson Carter? You can argue with me over Carter all you want, but he was always in front of the net, no matter what...I can't even find Pyatt on the ice half the time. I could do a better job out there.

Why isn't anyone knocking Roberto Luongo around for not earning his money? Oh, so he plays one good game against the Columbus Blue Jackets...well at least we know they have the ability to squeak out a win against one of the crappiest teams in the NHL.

Daniel and Henrik who? Where did the Sedin twins go? Oh, so teams have them figured out now....TRY SOMETHING ELSE! We need them to do more than cycle around, dippsy doodle, and pass the puck to each other. Them scoring is essential for the Canucks to win.

Mattias Ohlund has scored more goals on his own net than shots at the other net! When he's not helping the other team, he's on his ass. Did he forget how to skate?

The jury is still out on Morrison, Mitchell, and Cooke.

Just a handful of players are worth the money they are getting paid, and they would be Burrows, Salo, Krajicek, Green, Linden, and Naslund. Kesler is starting to pick it up a little, but could still work harder.