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Uncertainty in Philly

After winning their first under new coach John Stevens, the Flyers then took a beating from the Penguins on Saturday, 8-2. Stevens had a meeting with the veteran leadership committee the following day. He was looking for answers.
"We had a real good talk about where we're at and what's going on in the
locker room," Stevens said. "The thing they came up with was, `Who are we?
What's our identity?' It's a real good question. I think we have to go back and
put a real big emphasis on our play without the puck. We need to work and we
need to check."
Interim General Manager Paul Holmgren had this to say:
"We have to get back to playing better first," Holmgren said. "We took
some steps in the right direction against Atlanta. I know what the coach's
message was today - let's get back to work, let's get back to taking care of our
own end first."

RJ Umberger mentioned:
"We're back to square one," Umberger said. "We worked on defensive positioning.
We came out hard (vs. Pittsburgh), that isn't the issue. We're giving up too
much. We knew this wasn't going to change overnight.
"It's a process that's
not going to be easy. I think we have to establish ourselves as a defensive team
and go from there. We got in a track meet with them (the Penguins) and we can't
do that."

It is going to take a few wins for the players to believe in themselves as a team, and to buy into Steven's new system. If this doesn't happen soon with players of that calibre, we could see some
more major changes in Philly. A blockbuster trade perhaps?