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Sens 6 Leafs 2, I'm not suprised

Fine. If you won't take your visor off, I'll remove it for you."

The Senators are finally playing like they should be, which is like contenders. They got scoring from 5 different players: Mike Fisher, Andrej Meszaros, Patrick Eaves, Dany Heatley, and Chris Neil. Mats Sundin and Matt Stajan scored for TO.
Haven't seen much fights in recent games. Tonight had 2 battles between Belak and McGratton, and Tucker and Eaves. It appeared that Eaves really didn't want any part of Tucker in that one.
Andrew Raycroft was relieved of duty at the start of the 3rd period after allowing 5 goals on 21 shots. But not all of the blame should be on Raycroft. The Leafs' defence, especially Tomas Kaberle (caught up ice) and Ian White (not getting the puck out of the zone) can be faulted on 2 of the goals.
Another difference tonight was special teams. The Leafs finished 0 for 6 on the PP and the Seators were 2 for 5.
The two teams will play again on Thursday night. It should be a violent affair as the rivalry is heating up again, especially with Tucker mauling Eaves.

Leaf players were openly critisizing the schedule in the media recently. They don't want to play the Senators so often every season. Including the preseason, the Leafs have played the Senators 7 times in 1 month. Commish Gary Bettman will be looking into the matter, and the current concept may be changed next season.