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Sedins will get more time on the power play

Do you think we spend too much time together, Daniel? I need some close encounters with the female kind."

Alain Vigneault said recently that the twins' ice time will be lowered on the penalty kill and increased on the power play. So he recognizes at least that Crawford's way was flawed. Under Crow, the Sedins had alot of time on the PK, while Morrison, Naslund, and Bertuzzi gobbled up all the powerplay time. That enraged Canuck fans down the stretch when the Sedins were rocking, and the 'top line' looked like a bunch of punks. Crawford stuck it out with his high-priced guns with icetime on 5 on 5 and the powerplay, and the Sedins were held back.
Thanks to Vigneault, those days are all but over.