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Ovechkin gets a hole in one!

I just saw it on a report on TSN, that Alexander Ovechkin got a hole in one (I believe it was today.) When they interviewed Alex, he said that it was only his 4th time golfing. That could be true, as something in his stance looks a little off in the picture (left).
Some of his Capitals team mates didn't see it, but they could hear the celebratory yelling and cheering. Chris Clark said he didn't believe it.
The TSN reporter informed Ovechkin that a player who gets a hole in one is supposed to buy his teammates beer afterward. To that, Ovechkin said, "Well, maybe a bit later. The first game of the season is coming up and I don't want them to be drunk!"
I think Alex is catching on to the North American language and culture pretty quickly, isn't he?
With a hole in one, and a 50-plus goal season under his belt already, you get the feeling that they should start calling him King Midas. Is there anything he can't do?