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Ovechkin cracks me up

CALGARY — Alexander Ovechkin will be looking for Jarome Iginla Monday night when the Washington Capitals challenge the Calgary Flames. And if he has to, Ovechkin said he's willing to settle things on the ice.

Are we talking about a fight? A goal-scoring contest?

No, we're talking about getting an autographed hockey stick from the Flames' captain.

"I want to ask him for his stick," Ovechkin said at Monday's morning skate at the Pengrowth Saddledome. "I have other sticks — (Mario) Lemieux, (Pavel) Datsyuk, (Zdeno) Chara."

Asked when he was planning to ask Iginla for an autographed hockey stick, Ovechkin replied: "When I have a chance. Even during the game? Yeah, maybe during a face-off."

Can you believe this guy?! Love it.
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