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New Canucks President / Kesler / Salo

Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment announced today the hiring of Chris Zimmerman as the new President and CEO. Zimmerman was the President and CEO of Nike Bauer Hockey Inc. For everything Zimmerman, got to TSN to read about this rich man's accomplishments (*yawn*).

It appears that Ryan Kesler should be back for the Canucks' game on Friday versus the Sharks. Wow. I really thought he had a concussion the way he fell on his face on the way back to the bench after the hit. But this is good news for the Canucks. Maybe it knocked some scoring mentality into his head.

Sami Salo will not be playing Friday, and maybe not the next 2-3 games either with a sore groin. Oh great, Salo is missing time again......

Now a window of opportunity opens for Luc Bourdon to step in. Hopefully he makes the very best of it.