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With his first shutout as a Canuck in hand, and what can be considered as his best performance of the season, its high time to drop the, all too formal "Roberto" moniker and treat the guy as one of our own. I don't know about anyone else but I can't say "Roberto" without saying "Roberto Luongo"
Given the name Roberto, which can be easily shortened, changed or altered to better suit our new franchise player, I'm suggesting "Bob".
According to the research of my best friend Beaner, Luongo actually had the name "Bob" painted on one of his previous goalie masks, which can only suggest, he hates his parents for giving him the stupid name in the first place and prefers the abbreviated version already.

Other options, briefly considered during last nights second intermission rum break:
Bert (sorry...too many issues with this one)

I'm currently working on a photoshop "Bob" Luongo mask, which will include his new "handle", boldly painted on the chin, similar to "Kipper" and the other superstar "nicknamed" goalies.