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Did I ever tell anyone that I like Spector's Trade Rumors? Well I do. On his site today he was informed that the Sharks were not rebuffed by Alexander Korolyuk from contract offers. There is a $1.2m arbitrated one year deal on the table from Summer 2005 (when the Sharks took Korolyuk to the hearing). He just has not agreed to play in the NHL for the past two seasons. Will he ever play again? Don't know. But playing this season (for the Sharks) was unlikely. AFAIK, the team that holds Korolyuk's rights/arbitration contract has his rights "in perpetuity" until the arbitration award is fulfilled, even though he is of UFA age.
If NJ makes the playoffs, Sharks get the 2007 pick; if NJ misses the playoffs, it's the 2008 pick.