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The Leafs who played on the record winning streak team in 1993

The Sabres thankfully only tied the Leafs record for wins out of the gate at 10 wins. There is much controversy over the whole ordeal because of the fact that there were no shootouts back when the Leafs achieved this feat. So it seems funny that the Sabres lost the potential record setting game in a shootout.
We all know how good the Sabres are this year. But how good was that Leafs team in 1993?
Here is alist of the players who were in that lineup.


1. Doug Gilmour. He flourished in his years in TO. He was 4th in scoring during the 93/94 season, only behind Gretzky, Fedorov, and Oates. He had 111 points.
2. Dave Andreychuk. Scored 53 goals and 99 points that season, and led the league in powerplay goals...big suprise.
3. Glen Anderson. Was traded to the Rangers later in the season for Mike Gartner, I believe.
4. Wendel Clark. 46 goals and 76 points, and about 10,000 bone- crunching hits.
5. Nikolai Borshevsky. Small but skilled.
6. John Cullen.
7. Peter Zezel. Another one of my alltime faves.
8. Rob Pearson. Grinder/PK
9. Mike Krushelniski. Grinder.
10. Bill Berg. Grinder.
11. Kent Manderville. Tough as nails.
12. Ken Baumgartner. Boomer.


1. Dave Ellett. A monster on the blue line. Led D with 43 points.
2. Dimitri Mironov. 2nd in Leafs' D scoring with 36 points. Go-to guy.
3. Jamie Macoun. Another player in the Gilmour deal. Mr. Reliable. Mr Mean.
4. Todd Gill. Great hitter.
5. Bob Rouse. Ask Wings fans what they think of Rouse.
6. Sylvain Lefebvre. Reliable as well. Would win a Cup with the Avalanche 2 years later.


1. Felix 'the Cat' Potvin. Potvin was huge with the Leafs, but never really materialized with any other team he played with.
2. Damien Rhodes. A great backup. Did Rhodes play any of the first 10 games?

Head Coach

PAT freaking BURNS. The ex cop. Gad, I miss him. He was a great coach.

This was the best Leafs team since decades ago, maybe even since the won their last Cup. They were skilled and super tough.
The 10 game winning streak was a positive experience and a boost to players and fans alike. We had lost to the Kings in the in the 7th game of the semi-finals months earlier. Remind you of this years' Sabres?
The 93/94 season would end abruptly in the semi-finals again, on a goal by Vancouver's Greg Adams in the 2nd overtime of the 5th game.