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Happy Thanksgiving Day, Canada!

And I guess I can say Happy Columbus Day, USA! It's just that Canadians are going to eat a better meal than Americans tonight, generally speaking. So what am I thankful for? I am thankful to live in free country, and to share its cultures, especially hockey. I am thankful that my Dutch parents immigrated here during World War 2, otherwise I'd be a soccer junky living in Holland! Heheh. I am thankful to be alive and more healthy than I used to be.
But Thanksgiving to me is only partially about being thankful. Its another one of those holidays that make me think of others who are less fortunate. Provided, some people make dumb decisions in life, and some you swear deserve their fate, it doesn't hurt to reach out once in a while and help out. Whether it be support through finances, emotional, physical, etc, the good-will Christian values are something I believe in, and that I have completely ignored for quite some time now. I'm just being honest with you. Do you have the head-in-ass disease like I do? Make a decision to go out of your way for someone in need this week, even if it's just asking someone who you normally wouldn't ask: "how are you?" or "can I help?" and truthfully mean it.
OK, no more preaching from Zanstorm. Enjoy your holiday and remember what I said!