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I am always entertained by the Sportsnet Hockey Panel because of the conflicting personalities. New addition Ray Ferraro already isn't taking any crap from Nick Kypreos. The professional on-air relationship will boil over soon I bet. Compelling television.
Anyway, I watched most of the NHL preview show, but was flicking back and forth to The Score because DX was running RAW tonight. But I did hear some funny stuff.
  • Nick Kypreos interviewing Charles Wang and being a smartass by asking him if he was CRAZY. Wang then explains his reasons for hiring Garth Snow as the GM, and why he signed Rick Dipietro for 15 years, and guess what? Kypreos bites! He then defends Wang's decisions to the hockey panel and gets mocked before Bill Watters of all people agrees with him!
  • When Jason Spezza was given the option of watching Brokeback Mountain or getting kicked in the balls he said....getting kicked in the balls! Funny stuff!
  • Spezza also said that the Senator that would do best in the Ultimate Fighting Championships would be Ray Emery. The worst? Patrick Eaves!
  • Another player interviewed said that out of all the dudes on the Sportsnet Hockey Panel, John Garrett would be the best on The Bachelor because of his moustache, haha.
  • Speaking of John Garrett, he was the only panelist to pick the Canucks to make the playoffs. Then Kypreos jeered at him that he is a 'home sticker.'