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Lou Lamoriello is about one step away from signing his 2 key free agents Brian Gionta and Paul Martin. Korolyuk had 34 points in 45 games in the Russian Super-League last season, after a 1 year hiatus from the NHL. I like that acquisition by the Devils. He is a super-speedy forward who could very well make more of a name for himself in the new NHL. But that is only IF they can pry him out of Russia for a super cheap pricetag. Don't expect THAT to happen soon.
Defenceman Jim Fahey only played 21 games for the Sharks last year. He had 2 assists, and was further down the Shark's depth chart.
Malakhov on the other hand, voiced recently that he is pretty much retired, and that his legs are 'only good for tennis now.' But he apparently has not signed any documents saying he is retired yet. So Sharks GM Doug Wilson is doing Lou a big favor. Obviously, the conditional 1st round pick will depend on how well Korolyuk and/or Fahey pan out for the Devils.
So where does this leave the Devils financially? They still only have about $3 million left, even without Dan McGillis' $2.2 million contract counting against them anymore because he was sent to the AHL. The League will soon let Lamoriello know if they can write off Mogilny's contract due to long term injury. Expect that to be ok'd, and then Captain Lou signing the rest of his RFA's by Wednesday.