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"Hustle, you peons! Hustle!"

The beast is the 18th captain in the Bruins' 82-year history. Patrice Bergeron and Glen Murray will be the associates. Peter Chiarelli had this to say about Chara:
''Zdeno's leadership qualities have been apparent from the time he joined players for their informal skates prior to training camp. He leads by example, both on and off of the ice, and he has earned the respect of everyone in our dressing room. He recognizes the leadership abilities of his two assistant captains as well as other players, and he also realizes that every player has strengths that they bring to our team and that bringing those strengths together is crucial to our success.''
Maybe he will be a good captain. At least they are utilizing more of Chara's $7.4 million salary!
All I can say is, would you tell Chara 'NO' when he tells you to do something? He's 6'9" and weighs 260 pounds! I'd be buying him lunch every day to stay on his good side! Just to exaggerate my point, check out the picture below!