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Canucks / Wild Preview

The game starts at 6 pm PST, and airs on TSN. The Canucks will be finishing off their 4 game roadtrip to start the season, and then returning home to play the (uh oh) red hot Sharks on Friday.
If you thought the Avalanche looked fast last game versus the Nucks, wait until you see the Wild. Marion Gaborik and fellow countryman Pavol Demitra already look like they have played together for years. Both players have 4 points in 2 games, with a powerplay goal each. Brian Rolston and Pierre-Marc Bouchard are also rolling with 3 points each.
So the Canucks are going to have to work hard every shift against Lemaire's 'lunchbox' team and stay out of the damn penalty box! No more boneheaded penalties, because if they don't, the Wild could eat them up on special teams like Colorado did.