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Battle of Ontario continues tonight

"We know what they did last game," said Leafs coach Paul Maurice. "They're feeling good about themselves now. We'll have our hands full."
That was reference to the Senators' 8-1 anihilation of the Devils on the weekend. The Sens have found their offence 'just in time' to play the Leafs tonight. Andrew Raycroft and Martin Gerber will getting the starts. I hope Gerber stinks it up.
The teams have already played eachother twice this season, a home and home series to start the year. The Sens won the first game 4-1, and the Leafs won the second game 6-0. This will be their second home and home series, with the first game being played at the ACC in Toronto tonight.
My prognosis? I think Hans Solo said it best when he said: "I got a bad feeling about this." 6-3 Senators. Gonna be hard to stop the emerging Senators.