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The Penguins have signed Jordan Staal to an entry level contract, after Staal has impressed the Penguins' brass. So now the Penguins have 10 regular season games to decide whether or not Staal is good enough to get a 3-year contract. If he plays in his 10th game, the contract kicks in.

Players and former NHL'ers have filed a lawsuit against NHLPA Executive Director Ted Saskin. They say that he has repeatedly violated the union's constitution along with Linden and other union members, thus infringing upon the democratic rights of the players that the union represents.
They are saying that Saskin was improperly elected, he misrepresented salary figures during negotiations, and he illegally diverted tens of millions of dollars in union funds for his own benefit.
Players involved in filing this lawsuit include Bill Guerin, Dwayne Roloson, Chris Chelios, and former NHL'ers Vincent Damphousse and Trent Klatt.
Richard Park has signed a 2 year deal with the Islanders for a piddly $500,000 per season. Too bad he didn't pan out in Vancouver. I liked the guy.
It looks as though Pred wonderkid Alexander Radulov will be heading back to Milwaukee of the AHL. So drop him now if you picked him in your pool! HAHA!