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In a story on TSN, the Sedins discuss a possibility of Bulis on their line, and Bulis elaborates on why he wasn't scoring much in Montreal.

"For sure I wouldn't mind that," said Bulis, who signed for US$1.3 million. "They are offensive guys. I've been looking for that. I was mostly a defensive guy in Montreal.

"I scored 20 goals last year and didn't see hardly any power-play time. Hopefully with the chance here in Vancouver I can get 20 plus."

Daniel, who had 22 goals and 49 assists last year, said Bulis could be a good fit.

"He's a good skater with skill," said Daniel. "He has it all.

"He is the kind of player that can fit in anywhere. He can play on the first line, he can also be second. He's one of those guys who are really important to your team. He's a better hockey player than most people think."

Bulis said that Bob Gainey wanted him to be a checker.

"I was looking for some offence," said Bulis, who had a four-goal game. "I had a talk with Bob Gainey but he just didn't see it coming. He just wanted me to play like a third-line guy.

"He sat me out a couple of times (then) I would come back and score goals. He never gave me any reasons."