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VK, a blogger from Russia has reported that Webster has added a few hockey words to its 2006 edition. For example:

ozolinsh – v. to wander dangerously; to stray.
Eg. The gazelle would still be alive today had it not carelessly ozolinshed near those lions.

Pretty witty stuff! For more of these, plus a story about a religious hockey player observing the Sabbath and missing games (never thought of this before) visit VK's site.

Wanna know how some of the Canucks prospects look at training camp from someone who was there? See Stick in Rink for the details.

Tapeleg is having a hell of a couple weeks. First he guests on Kukla's Corner, and then he has an interview on Behind the Jersey, where he reveals some more secrets about himself. Tapeleg, some things are better off left unsaid! Ok, I am kidding.
Imagine that, an Avalanche fan getting an interview on a Red Wings site...where is the rivalry and the hatred? Does Claude Lemieux have to come back and put Draper's teeth in the boards again?