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After going down by three goals to the Sharks, who featured their new top line of Bell, Thornton and Cheechoo, the Canucks rallied back and tied the game aound the mid way point of the third. Milan Michalek got his third of the night, late in the third to nab the win.

The Sedins started the game with prospect Jesse Shultz and ended with Ryan Kesler as their other winger in the game. The sedins were dangerous with the puck all night, with only the play of Evgeni Nabokov keeping them off the score board in the first half of the game. The twins were up to their tricks again displaying their patented slap pass, as well as some nice passing between the two of them that finally ended in two quick goals in the third period.
Check the link for the complete game breakdown. Highlights included: Kesler winning 75% of his first period faceoffs, twelve shots on goal by the twins and local Wade Flaherty standing on his head in net. Lowlights included: Roberto Luongo giving up his first shot on net in a Canuck uniform and star defensive prospect Luc Bourdon getting burned bad one on one by Milan Michelak, resulting in the Sharks first goal.

All in all not too bad for a preseason game.