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"Yeah, it sure beats doing Coach's Corner with that ass Don Cherry!"

According to TSN, CBC personality Ron MacLean will be a referee during the second period of tomorrow night's game between the Sabres and Penguins. MacLean, best known for appearing with Don Cherry on Coach's Corner on HNIC, already is a level 5 referee with the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. He will be joined by former referee and current vice president and Director of Officiating Stephen Walkom.
Why is MacLean getting this opportunity? Because Colin Campbell offered it to him recently to 'take his opinions to the ice' after MacLean really tore into Campbell on HNIC during the Finals this past spring. MacLean was miffed at some of the calls and the the lack of calls during last season's playoffs.
I'm not sure if it will be televised, but I'd really like to watch this. I bet Don Cherry would really like to see MacLean get hit with an errant puck, or I would really like to see him try to break up a fight!