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Well that is a shame. I was going to pick him in the draft really late too, because I KNOW nobody would have taken him.
Ozolinsh should be back by the beginning of November after he undergoes knee surgery.
*Sportsnet has heard that NHL exile Theo Fleury could possibly make a comeback. The 38-year old had played for the Belfast Giants last season and scored 81 points in 38 games. But as Nick Kypreos pointed out, this is a longshot, and it would have to happen soon because of Fleury's age. What GM would possibly take on Fleury now, given his past with substance abuse? Answer: probably no one.
This rumor has probably started because Fleury will not play for Belfast this season. I find the situation unfortunate, because he would fit right in to the new speed driven NHL, even at 38 years of age, and would complement any team he played for. But given his mental situation, he is not worth the risk. Too see a decent little clip on the story, plus Fleury doing an interview (while drunk) with Sportsnet in 2004, see the video.

*There is still no word on where the contract negotiations are at between the Predators and RFA Dan Hamhuis. Someone from work said they saw him practicing with our local hockey team, the Smithers Steelheads, and asked me what was happening.
It's no suprise that Dan is concerned about it all, as the preseason has already begun, and Dan had just bought a house in Nashville as well.
*Minnesota forward P.M. Bouchard has bulked up and entered training camp at a hulking 172 pounds! What was he last season? 100 pounds soaking wet? Even Paul Kariya could have laid him out at that weight