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The story out of Florida today through the Ottawa Sun angers me. It reports that Martin said to reporters yesterday:
"I got the call from owner Alan Cohen last week that Mike was thinking about stepping away. Alan asked me if I would be interested in a dual role. (Cohen) had told (Keenan) to think about it. I can't say that I had looked at being a GM. Maybe a long-term goal could have been that, but not a short-term."
But (The Sun's) sources said this day has been coming for a long time. Martin and Keenan have been sniping about personnel decisions for the last year. Keenan had attempted to make deals, but wasn't going to make a trade if Martin wasn't going to put the players on the ice.
"(Keenan) set us up for success," said Florida COO Michael Yormark. "Now, it's up to (Martin) to take it from here. (Keenan's) put the players together that we think can get the job done. Hopefully, when we all sit back and look at our season in April or as we make our way through the playoffs, that we'll all realize (Keenan) did do the type of job we thought he did."
So what really happened then? They liked the trades Keenan made? Or are they lying? There is speculation that there was controversy over Keenan trading away Luongo and bringing in Bertuzzi, but it seems that ownership didn't have a problem with that trade, or the Belfour and Salei signings.
You can never really tell the truth sometimes. I don't care what 'sources' are saying. Maybe we'll hear the truth from Iron Mike himself soon. He has a way with words doesn't he? He talks like a shrink!! I can't wait.

Scott Lachance will come to the Devils' training camp for a tryout basis. Remember him? If he doesn't impress and take a paycut he will be heading to the minors.
When oh when is New Jersey going to pull the plug on a trade to get below the cap? Is it that hard to get rid of Mogilny and Malakhov? Actually, yes it is. Lamoriello must be taking up drinking by now.

Reports have the Blue Jackets looking for a replacement for Zherdev 'just in case' he doesn't sign. That doesn't say much about how the negotiations are going does it?

Another report states that the Rangers could be interested in bringing back Radek Dvorak. Wasn't he rumored to be signing in Vancouver before? Sometimes you really can't believe anything you hear.

News out of Phoenix is that Shane Doan is looking to sign an extension to his contract before it expires next year. Reports say he could go to another team for about $5-6 million next summer. Are you kidding me? The highly touted Doan was expected to do greater things than he has done so far. He cannot get past the 30 goal 65 points mark. This guy has screwed me in my hockey pools for the last time! I'm not taking him in higher rounds ever again.
I don't think he's worth any more than $4 million at this point.