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This clip must have been posted all over Alberta websites at one point. But in case you haven't seen it... it's called "Red Hot."

Pathetic. True to the 80's though. This was shot in 1987. The lip synching is bad, but as a guitar player, nothing irritates me more than air guitar in music videos. Kind of reminds me of Hulk Hogan doing that in one of his videos back in the 80's as well. (I think it was in Vince McMahon's 'Stand Back' video!)
Just for the record, the riff in this song is nearly a ripoff off Sabbath's 'Symptom of the Universe!'

Now, how many of these Flames players do you recognize? I think I saw Barry Manilow in there somewhere. Oh sorry, that was Brett Hull! Coolest guy in the video? Gary Roberts of course! Did Carey Wilson ever play trombone? He looked like a natural. Joel Otto playing bass guitar? Put the fucking guitar down Joel!

I'd like to see the Canucks do this. They could do that song called 'Loser' by Beck!