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Let’s start passing those hugs around after threatening a holdout Alex Burrows can ink a three year deal but then Jason King sulks off into the warm September afternoon (wow, sounds like a line in a terrible romance novel doesn't it?)?? I'm at a loss on this one...particularly during at time when the Canucks squad is seemingly open for almost any player to show some skills, guts and courage and grab a spot for opening night. Making it worse, King's best year (albeit a fractured one at that) was playing with the Sedins who, unless I really missed something, are still looking for a replacement for Anson Carter.

Oh is what it is. Burrows sees the light as King, temporarily, shuts a door. All on day one of training camp. Can't wait to see what happens next week, but Kesler's been quiet. C'mon Ryan...we're desperate for news out here. Either sign a contract or go break a law, ok?