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It's time....once again...for everyone to come aboard the....Devil's Bandwagon?
In the first preseason game the Devils dumped the Bruins 5-0. Gomez had 3 points. I have a newfound sense of excitement now, as hockey is officially back!
The preseason can really decieve the hockey fan. Already I'm thinking geez, 5-0? What's wrong with the Bruins? I'm predicting them to make the playoffs! Are they going to suck this year? Ah yes, it's hard to keep my emotions and my sense of reality in check already.
The same can be said in regards to hockey poolies like myself. During the preseason we will see alot of players racking up points that really won't do the same during the season. They will be playing on the top 2 lines on a trial basis, or in the absence of a team's star player. Last year, one of those players was former Cane, Josef Vasicek, who practically led the NHL preseason in scoring. I took him in the 12th round of our draft and thought I had a steal. Little did I know. The puck dropped to start the season, Vasicek dried up, played on the 3rd line, and then injured himself for a majority of the season. Yes, this year I will be more careful.
New Panther Alex Auld missed practice yesterday because he woke up with his eye swollen shut. No one knows why this happened yet, but feel free to offer your best guess!
How many groin injuries are there already? Too many! Add Jeremy Roenick and John Madden to that list. Of course this could also be known as the 'call in sick-gone golfing' day as well.
Blue Jacket defenceman Adam Foote will miss the first 3 games of preseason due to a strained knee.