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It’s About Friggin Time

Canucks training camp (mercifully) opens today and, with Nonis giving the single-finger salute back to Clarke, it looks like everything is set on the management side except the decision to carry 21 or 22 players.

Now it’s left to the prospects to fight for the openings, the veterans to get in shape, for Luongo to be the 6 million dollar man, for Naslund to become invigorated again, for Morrison to get back to his #1 center status, for the Sedins to continue to improve, for Matt Cooke to fill in one of the key RW holes, for Bulis to live up to his billing, for Mitchell to fill in the now missing "Ruutu -annoyance" factor, for Kesler to play in par with his f’ing salary, for Salo and his point shot to stay healthy, for Pyatt to develop into the power forward he’s supposed to be and for the rest (Chouinard, Krajicek, Burrows, Fitzpatrick, Trembley, Bieksa and Bouck) to play with some passion and drive that helped other no name Northwest teams like the Flames and Oilers come without spitting distance of the Stanley Cup.

And for yours truly to stock up on some supplies because it’s quite possible this will be a long season.