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As a person who's never lost a hockey pool (kidding of course, I'm from BC not Ontario), I thought it would be charitable to pass on a few tips to make your poolie season more enjoyable. Sitting in the basement all season like the Florida Panthers does nothing for the ego or the pocketbook, unless you're in a pool which gives the worst team their money back, then it's sort of ok.

  • Be the Administrator of the pool if at all possible. (Power is god)
  • Influence the rules of the pool somehow. (Suggestions to follow)
  • Know your enemy 1 (Taking Datsyuk one pick in front of a Wings fan = priceless)
  • Know your enemy 2 (Take advantage of the weakest poolie..."he's on Crosby's line, I think")
  • Be the biggest distraction possible (Bother everyone to pick faster then take forever to make your own selection)
  • Start looking for a pool for next year (Chances are you're not going to be invited back)
Next week, I'll take an in depth look at how to actually influence your enemies choices.