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Highway To The Dangerzone

I'm told somewhere in LA Dan Cloutier spilled his medical milkshake laughing; over in Florida, Alex Auld was seen smirking through his one good eye; over in New York, Kevin Weekes was seen smiling despite the fifty pounds of ice on his injured groin; Johan Hedberg allegedly was in Atlanta taking a shot because he won the bet; in Boston, Bob Essensa was seen scribbling "Don't do what he did" in his goaltending notes for Hannu Toivonen; out in Long Island, Garth Snow was so amused he gave DiPietro another year on his contract; and in parts unknown, Felix Potvin watched but could not laugh because, as you know, those without human souls are not allowed to laugh.

For the record, we here at Yankee Canuck have been baptized and are big fans of the new Luongo era in Canuck land. But, more so than that, we appreciate irony and value the small, often sublime, moments of extreme hilarity that living in our modern world bestows on us.