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Get it on

Much like they did last season, the Canucks opened the preseason by tripping on themselves. But, hey, that's what the preseason is for! Mainly, to out a bunch of no names on the ice, give the veterans a few chances to stretch their legs, and of course sell tickets to help the beleagured NHL and their franchises get some more damn money...

I digress. Vigneault, only using one roster player from last year (Matt Cooke) saw his AHL Canucks give a very spririted effort despite the fact they were slamming into a much more seasoned Flames squad. The game also showed that hatred between the two teams never takes a break as Rick Rypien, Joe Rullier, Mike Brown, Nathan McIver and Luc Bourdon all had their fists hitting Flame flesh at some point in the evening. And, somehow, Jeff Friesen and Daymond Langkow were some of the Calgary players who responded in kind...go figure.

At any rate, it is what it is. Bourdon, Wade Flaherty, Kevin Bieksa and Brandon Reid all played well which is good enough to take to San Jose on Thursday to see if they can crank out a win.