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Wang, are you fucking kidding us? TSN reports that Wang-nut and the Islanders are ready to sign goalie Rick Dipietro to a 15-year $67.5 million contract. That is about $4.5 million per season. This would be the longest deal in NHL history, and the 2nd longest in pro sports history (Magic Johnson had a 25-year deal).
Tell me this isn't true. Tell me the Islanders are not going to become even more of a joke when this deal is made official this afternoon.
There really isn't a point for a 15-year contract until your player is proven (see Yashin mistake) or unless his last name is Gretzky or Lemieux. This is an exaggerated move by Wang, who obviously was behind the negotiations, and it really wasn't necessary, except to prevent Dipietro from making Luongo dollars in the next few years.


Gotta love Spector's, he's on the ball!
According to his site, the Islanders are also expected to sign UFA Victor Kozlov to a one year deal. Remember when Kozlov was an NHL All Star? Me neither.


There is word that the Oilers will sign Joffrey Lupul to a 3-year $7 million deal as early as today.


Tom Fitzgerald has retired today after 17 seasons in the NHL. I can remember my favorite Tom Fitzgerald moments were when he played for the Florida Panthers during their 1996 cinderella playoff run. A gritty guy who always played with heart. Hope he succeeds at whatever he does post - NHL.