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It appears the Kings will depend on Dan Cloutier to be their number one goaltender for the next 3 years. The would have been free agent next year has signed a 2 year, 6.2 million dollar contract extension. While despised by many Vancouver fans, the ex Canuck is the first goalie in their history to post three consecutive 30-win seasons.

Drafted in the 1st round, he started his career with the Rangers in the 1997-1998 season, and was eventually sent to Tampa Bay, where he posted less than stellar numbers with them. In his first year with the Lightning, he played 52 games and won a whopping 9, while losing 30. He played 24 games the following year, winning only 3, before being sent North to Vancouver. It was in his second year with them that something must have clicked, winning 31 games. Last year, he played 13 games, winning 8 of them before going out with an injury.

I'm sure he'll be fine in LA, having Marc Crawford to keep him company. Maybe Earl Sleek over at Battle of California can go out and give him our best wishes, because who needs Dan Cloutier when you have (bingo bango bongo....his name is....) Roberto Luongo!