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Since the Blue Jackets may not have Nikolai Zherdev in their roster this season, they went with backup plan A...or B..., signing Anson Carter to a 1-year deal at a reported $2.5 million per season, according to TSN.
Good, the Carter conversations are over. I'm sure we were all sick of that topic anyway.

When Bobby Clarke was asked about what he thought about what GM's could be saying about him in reference to the Kesler offer he said:

"I don't give a (expletive deleted) if nobody likes me, I could care less. But they shouldn't be getting mad at me, I didn't put the (offer sheet) rule in the collective bargaining agreement. If they're mad, they should call Gary Bettman and complain to him. Get mad at Gary Bettman. He's in charge of the rules, not me. I didn't realize there were some rules we're not allowed to use."

For more of the Rant of Clarke, visit TSN.