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Regardless of what team I cheer for, I always enjoy watching NHL veterans who win the Cup after coming so close previously and missing out. Bret Hedican is one of those guys. He came within a goal or two in 1994 with the Canucks, and had a hell of a playoff run with them, but the poor Nucks lost in the seventh game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Hedican is the only member from that 1994 squad to win a Cup since then. Crazy.
Scott Burnside from ESPN is documenting the Stanley Cup's travels this summer. Here is an excerpt:

OAKDALE, Minn. -- It is not yet 9 a.m. on a Saturday, and Jerry Hedican is standing at the edge of his driveway on a quiet cul-de-sac peering toward the end of this quiet, suburban street near St. Paul.

The Cup is on its way, and the nervous energy at the Hedican household is hard to contain. Minutes later, Jerry's son, Bret Hedican, rolls into the driveway. Beside the Carolina Hurricanes defenseman, reclining slightly, securely belted into place, is the most famous trophy in all of sports. Looking out the driver side window, Hedican grins like a maniac.

The Cup is quickly surrounded by Hedican's parents Jerry (Gerald) and Terry (Theresa), friends and family.

"There she is, boys," the veteran defenseman says with the kind of reverence usually reserved for newborn babies and buried treasure.

Hedican's wife, former Olympic gold-medal figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, their two children and her family, in from the West Coast, arrive and the celebration is in full swing.

Not that this is anything unusual for the Hedicans.

Terry is one of 12 children. Christmases have and continue to be loud, raucous affairs featuring skating and hockey. In fact, the first time Yamaguchi skated on natural ice was at a Hedican Christmas party.

For the rest of Hedican's celebration go to ESPN.COM.