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TSN held a fantasy draft amongst a few of the hockey panelists, and Jeremy Roenick, who cried because he wasn't initially invited in, and I gotta say, Mckenzie's team is the one I would have picked. He picked Kovalchuk, Crosby, and Heatley as his forwards, Gonchar and Phaneuf as his defence, Vokoun in goal, Dustin Penner as his rookie, and Bill Guerin as his sleeper pick.
Not bad at all. His forwards are a no-brainer, Gonchar looks to reach 80 points, Vokoun and the Predators should absolutely kick ass this year. Dustin Pennner is a future elite power forward, IMO, and you know that I think Bill Guerin is going to be the most improved player this year. Of course you need to see who the others picked to form your own opinion. Roenick was left with the scraps, by the way. Look at the Canucks he picked...Naslund and Luongo....what a schmuck! hyuk yuk!
So why did I post this? Besides the fact that pools rule, I hear alot of people slam Mckenzie for all different reasons, but I always defend him as one of the best hockey minds on Canadian television. Now that I see who he picked, it just reinforces my opinion!