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Jesse Shultz

When Schultz finds the puck in front of the net, he scores. That’s a rare and highly coveted ability in hockey; which makes it hard to believe that a player with Schultz’s skills could slip undrafted out of junior hockey.

His professional career didn’t get legs until the Canucks signed the 6’0", 190-pound winger as a 20 year-old free agent in July, 2003 after Schultz topped the Kelowna Rockets with 53 goals and 104 points - second-best in the entire WHL. It was the same season Schultz led the Kelowna to their first ever Memorial Cup appearance and earned playoff MVP.

Schultz is looking to build on that confidence by securing himself a coveted right wing positions with Vigneault and the Canucks this season.

Stan Smyl: "Jesse has a knack for finding the scoring area. He’s got a quick release and is dangerous around net."

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I say put him with the Sedin's and make us quickly forget that other guy who played right wing last year, you know, whats his name...the guy who became a UFA and never got picked up because he was know, had a funny name like, Anus or something!!