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I know being a Leaf fan and following the Leafs that every offseason and trade deadline period, there are always crackhead trade rumors. Alot of times I just can't read Leaf forums because it makes me ill. Then again, alot of forums are the same way. But I think Leaf forums are the worst.
Such is the case at an infamous hokey (that's right HOKEY) website today. It is being reported that the 'journalist' talked to a former NHL player in Montreal, and he is hearing that Montreal is willing to trade Michael Ryder, Mike Ribeiro, Sheldon Sourray, Dave Aebischer, and a first round pick to Pittsburgh for Evgeni Malkin. Then, with the newly found free cap room, the Habs will sign JP Dumont!
Please, reduce your drug intake! That is obscene! I won't even justify this story with a link or a rebuttal because it's painfully obvious that will never happen. I will say that on a scale of 1 - 10 stink-value, that one gets a 9.98.
There are also careless whispers of Malkin actually hanging with Ovechkin right now, training for the season. That is actually possible.
Gad, trade rumors can be an annoyance, but they are sure fun to laugh at. (after the vomitting stops)
Funny though, these rumor writers make their bold prediction and then hide behind a probability rating. Usually when the rating is really high, the deal has already taken place. Bold huh? Oh well, they are fun to throw sticks at and I'll continue to do so.