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These are the the rookie and sophmore Joe Sakic Opee Chee cards. The rookie card isn't so flattering is it? He looks like a bully, but was anything but that.

Sakic has always been one of my faves. He is the perfect example of class (as in Gretzky-like class). He possesses one of the greatest wrist shots I've ever seen.
He a great playmaker and his skating style was/is so unique, you can always tell it's Joe when he rushes the puck up ice.

The pride of Burnaby B.C. is now 37 years old. So far he has 1489 points in 1237 games regular season games. He has 178 points in 162 playoff games. He has 2 Stanley Cup rings, a Conn Smythe Trophy (1996), 1 Hart Trophy (2001), and the Lester B. Pearson Trophy (2001), and a gold medal from the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

What I wouldn't do to see Sakic and Sundin play together one more time..