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Is this season different, or is it just me on the verge
of trade rumour overdose.?? Don't get me wrong,
I like a little friendly arm chair manager "what ifs"
as well as the next guy, but holy christ, this shit is
getting stupid. Two years ago, no one would gave
a rats ass where Dumont went, or cared If Carter
fell off the face of the earth. Is the pressure of the
salary cap on teams, making the rumour mill churn
that much more, or has reality TV caused us to want
to live everyone elses lives for them.?? As a long time
Canuck fan I've had to live with small city,small market
syndrome long enough to know we will be hoping, more
than knowing we're going to get in the playoffs.
Would I like to see Nonis trade the whole team away
for underpaid,overachieving budding superstars??
Darn tootin, I would, but Jesus H Christmas, why do
we all have to get riled up with every "E numeral"
so called "heard it from a reliable source close to"
rumour fabricated. I'm just glad Pronger got his
wish and got traded fast, as I would have killed myself
by now if I had to hear about the possible (E3) five way
trade including Crosby, Ovechkin, Carter, Dumont and
the freaking Sedin twins getting seperated to make
the deal happen. Phew, I feel a lot better now.

PS. I don't want to here about a trade unless it's a done
deal and my response can be "no fucking way".