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*The Red Wings have signed unrestricted free agent center Greg Johnson to a contract today. This is Johnson's second stint with the Wings. TSN reports that he will play on Detroit's fourth line, as they are pretty deep at center.
Johnson has 369 points in 785 games. He probably won't score more than 15 goals, especially with limited ice time, but is a decent role player nonetheless. His strengths are faceoffs,
playmaking ability, and his speed.
Johnson was claimed by Nashville in the expansion draft in 1998 from Chicago and was a long standing Predator since the team first arrived in the NHL.

*I really get a kick out of how Gennady Velichki, the head of Malkin's former team Metallburg Magnitogorsk, calls the actions of Pittsburgh taking Malkin "sports terrorism." That is a great line, but I don't really agree with it. In some ways I feel bad for European hockey teams losing their players to the wealthy NHL, but it really is just a business. It's the rich feeding off the poor in some aspects, and it is survival of the fittest. Throw dignity and honor out the window when it comes to the almighty dollar. And that is just the way society is.
Malkin wants money, he wants alot of it, and I can't blame him. His agent is no doubt paving the way for him. Do you think Malkin should honor his 1-year contract in Russia?
At the end of the day, Metallburg will probably get their $2 million in compensation and move along.