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Hey! I'm back for another drunken rant about hockey. I'm feeling a little pissed tonight because I lost a game of poker to a bunch of attention-deficited rookie pieces of crap! So I will spare no one tonight...
Tomorrow is B.C. day, so all of you lucky pilgrims in B.C. don't have to work tomorrow, unless you are a poor union-enslaved worker, or you work in a capitalist industry that fears shutting their doors down for one single day because they might lose out on the almighty dollar! (or both!)
So, what to rant about under the influence...hmmm....ok NO Panthers praising how about I make a few bold predictions, even though it isn't October yet!

1. The Flyers will take over the Atlantic division this year because the Devils will lose either Gionta or Gomez. My guess is Gionta! (and Mogilny..and Malakhov) The Devils will cease their domination because the Salary Cap says so!!!

2. The Predators will take over the weak Central Division. And the Red Wings...for the first time in an eon will settle for 2nd. The Preds will finish 3rd in the Western Conference.

3. The Ducks will take over the Pacific division, with the Sharks barely trailing behind them and the Stars finishing 3rd. The Ducks will also take over the Western Conference, finishing 1st overall. The Pacific division isn't really a piece of cake is it?

4. What about the Canucks? That's easy... The Flames will dominate the Northwest Division, and the Oilers will finish second. The Canucks fourth, and they will miss the playoffs. Am I full of shit? No, I'm a realist! They have lost too much on D and up front and haven't done shit to replace the gaps left behind. (Unless you think Chouinard or Pyatt are going to be the second coming of Briere) Nope..uh-uh!! Trading away Naslund for some depth might change my mind!

So let me give my final standings for the East and West at this point of the game...


1. Senators
2. Hurricanes
3. Flyers
4. Sabres
5. Canadiens
6. Panthers
7. Bruins
8. Devils
9. Rangers
10. Lightning
11. Thrashers
12. Leafs
13. Islanders
14. Penguins
15. Capitals


1. Ducks
2. Flames
3. Predators
4. Sharks
5. Stars
6. Red Wings
7. Avalanche
8. Oilers
9. Canucks
10. Wild
11. Kings
12. Coyotes
13. Blues
14. Blue Jackets
15. Black Hawks

Alright! Now I am going to bed! Let me know if you agree or disagree with my 'much too early' predictions. It's been fun ranting...