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I was hoping to get missed, but I keep getting harrassed. So..........

1) Playing with matches, I caught our family home on fire on two different occasions when I was six years old. I ended up being a Firefighter........Irony or pyromaniac, Im not sure.

2) I was implicated as the leader in a gambling ring in the 5th grade and had my entire hockey card collection confiscated after cleaning out a kid in a card throwing game.

3) I was thirteen before I saw a pair of skates. Hard to imagine for a Canadian, I know. I played three years of hockey as a teen then took a twenty three year sabbatical before lacing em up for Beer League play. These are the main reasons I never made the NHL.

4) The first time I went to see the Canucks play, they got spanked 12-2 by the Oilers. I hate the Oilers to this day.

5) I had a guy mistake me for someone named Stu in a bar once and give me $20 bucks. I figured if Stu was the same size as me I didn't have much to worry about!!