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I have to admit, NHL hockey rumor sites are fun to look at. They provide possiblities and fantasies, and total bulls**t. Here are the latest rumors floating around the hockey world.

*There are rumors that Evgeni Malkin is in Toronto right now. Well, my sources say he's already in Pittsburgh, hiding in a farmer's potato cellar. Ever eat raw potatos? I have, it sucks!

*Another rumor is from the same site, saying that the Canadiens could trade D Mike Komisarek to the Islanders to make room for J.P. Dumont. Well, this probably isn't going to happen because the Isles signed D Sean Hill today.

*More word on the street..the Sabres could still be looking to sign Dumont long term. I doubt it. Are they allowed to sign a guy they turned down after arbitration? That's never been done has it?
Dumont will get paid less on another team is my guess.
By the way, you know it's a crappy time in the offseason when one of your best stories is about J.P. Dumont! (as far as transactions go)

*There are rumors that the Canucks could sign G Steve Shields to back up Roberto Luongo. They have played together before in Florida. His agent is saying that Shields would be happy being Luongo's backup and wouldn't cause any disruption.
In my opinion, I don't think this should happen, as Flaherty will do just fine. Nonis needs to shore up other areas I think.